Pokemon go battle training in Williamsburg @ Action Burger

This is a must meetup group for all Pokemon go players, video game players and people looking to make new friends. We will walk to dozens of gyms and pokemon go spots in Brooklyn (Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg) and Manhattan.

Rather you’re a Mystic or Valor group, you’re all welcomed to join. Train/battle/practice with Pokemon go level 23 player Brian J. As he takes you to key locations around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

After a nice tour day we will meet back at Action Burger for food, drinks specials and free video games. Action Burger will sponsor us and offer free energy drinks, free charging stations and other complimentary items for RSVP members.

Halo 1 LAN Parties – Slayer & team CTF on Xbox & Xbox 360

Old school Xbox Halo 1 players unite! Remember playing Halo 1 on the split screen and lan split screens, for hours and hours? 80% of our games are team CTF on Blood Gulch, with 400% energy. Generic weapons, Warhogs and 5 flag capture.

Sci-Fi movie & TV show nights, open bar, Anime, comics, food

Welcome to the most coolest meetup group in NYC. Science fiction movie fans! Tv show (classics & new) fans, Walking dead fans! Anime fans! Comic book fans! Comic book discussion night fans! Arcade video games fans! Open bar & burger fans unite! This is the group you’ve been waiting for. I found several places in NYC, but mostly in Williamsburg Brooklyn that has all of this to offer.

Anime, Cosplay, Food, Super Smash Bros & Karaoke Fans NYC

Anime fans & Super Smash Bros (Wii U) fans unite! This is a cool weekly meetup group for Anime movie/cartoon fans, cosplay/costume dress up fans, fans that want to celebrate their birthdays in style,

Super Smash Melee, Wii U, Brawl tournaments and weekly practice battles!

Calling all Super Smash Bros players! Beginners, Amateurs & pros. Do you have the skills to be the best? Do you want to win cash prizes, gift certificates and champion recognition for being the best? Then this meetup group is for you.

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