Action Burger Reservations

Things to Know

Reservations are not required to enter restaurant. There is a $10 min food or drink purchase per customers for up to 2 hours (if you don’t want a reservation).  There are no refunds for reservations (includes: no shows & early cancellations). If you come when we open, most likely it won’t be busy or packed, so you won’t need a reservation.



Welcome to Action Burger’s new birthday and table reservation page. Here you can learn about pricing for reserving tables on the “comic side” of the restaurant, reserving the “sci-fi bar area” for group parties, reserving the big WTF 20,000 in 1 arcade by itself, board/card games reservations, reserving wii u areas and reserving the entire restaurant. There are links to where you can book and pay directly from this site.

Why do I need a reservation if all the games are suppose to be free?

All games at Action Burger are free. Some require reservations to rent the space/seating and game controllers to play more games. In other words (in gamer language), reservations are like unlocking a game to play more hidden content or characters.


1. It’s becoming busier at Action Burger, more customers are eating and playing video games at tables an average of 30-90 mins. Tables are becoming more and more limited. Example: 2-4 Customers enter the restaurant and realize both Game cube systems for double dash Mario kart and Super Smash bros are occupied. They don’t want to wait 30-90 mins until the current customers leave. So purchasing a reservation will guarantee a table or area for the specific time the customer wants. * Reservations also includes unlocking more newer systems (Wii U, Nintendo switch, Raspberry pi and more), access to play dozens of board/card games, and access to play on big screens.

2. All games at Action Burger are free. Some games require reservations to rent the space/seating at a certain time and wireless game controllers usage to play more games. More video game like: WII U 30+ games (Super smash bros, Double Dash 8), Xbox 360 200+ games, Play station 3, Xbox one, Karaoke, 300+ Game cube, raspberry pi 3 games, Nintendo switch, 1500+ PS1/PS2/PS3 games, Nintendo 64 100+, PC dos games from the 80s/90s (Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Doom 2 and more).

NOTE: Using Action Burger’s wireless/wired controllers and boardgames/card games require leaving your credit card and ID to hold. You will be responsible for returning the controllers and or boardgames/card games in the condition it was given to you. A credit card and id will be held until items are returned. If items aren’t returned charges for damaged or missing items start from $20 up to $50 depending on the item. Wireless switch controllers cost $30 each. Xbox one controllers cost $50 each.

3. Birthday parties for 2-25 customers are frequent at Action Burger. You can reserve a table for 2-4 people or tables for groups of 6-25. We have Halo lan & Call of Duty lan birthday party packages. Open bar packages and bar reservation specials. Rent tables 1-4 and play your own music through Bluetooth on the soundbar speakers. You can also request a movie and play video games on both big screen.

4. Purchase a reservation to do a presentation or screening of something you or someone else created. For example: You created a documentary, or animation or video, it can be played on our big screens to show on a group of friends or co-workers. Launch party is another reason for getting a reservation at Action Burger.

5. Wedding reception, bachelor parties, graduation, promotion, baby shower, sweet 16 and more. There are countless reasons to have a reservation at Action Burger. There are unlimited games and activities to entertain our customers. Why not having a wedding or wedding reception at Action burger. We can setup a nerd wedding super party. Open bar packages and food packages for customers to have one of the best time of their life.

6. LAN PARTY RESERVATIONS FOR: Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, reach, Call of Duty, Mario Kart Double Dash & more. Where else can you play lan network games for your birthday or group get together? We have 2 Xbox and 2 Xbox 360 with 100s of games for each. 3 GameCube networked to play team Mario Kart races up to 12 players. Scroll down to read more about lan parties. Click here to see our Xbox and Xbox 360 games list.

Our Tables

Table 1

Seats 2-5 people
22″ LCD TV
GameCube (20+ games)
Players: 2-4

Table 2

Seats 2-5 people
22″ LCD TV & 55″ TV
GameCube (20+ games)
Players: 2-4

Table 3

Seats 2-7 people
22″ LCD TV
Playstation 1 (400+ games)
Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega (300+ games)
Players: 2-4

Table 4

Seats 2-3 people
24″ LCD TV
Original Xbox (200+ games)
Players: 2-3


RENT THE ENTIRE BACK AREA FOR A PRIVATE PARTY. This private party area is unlike anything on the market. Compare our packages to Dave & Busters and any other private party businesses you’ve experienced in the past. Seating and standing area for 10-25 people. 100s of unlocked games specifically for reservation private parties. 15% gratuity is automatically added for this reservation.


PLAY STATION 3 is available for reservation in the bar area. Reserve by itself $30 for 3 hours. Or reserve the entire bar area and it’s included. Click here to see the full games list.

LAN Parties

Get some friends together and have your own lan party for 2-12 players. Play some Halo CTF, slayer and other lan party games. We have two original xbox or 1 xbox and 1 xbox 360 setup for system link with the games ready to go with your reservation. $10 minimum food or drink required per person.

Close the doors. Rent the entire restaurant for 20-50 people for private parties!