ACTION BURGER’S PRICES AND RULES FOR OPEN BAR – Please pay at restaurant on the day of your reservation.


Unlimited 16oz: Black Island ice tea, Dr. pepper 151, Cream scotch, princess peach, Orange island ice tea, basic island ice tea, Sex on the beach, Ciroc watermelon,  Rum & Coke, Vodka & orange juice, Cranberry & Vodka. Selter & Vodka, Ginger melon, Pink fizz, Coconut moon,
Selter & Gin, Ginger Ale & Vodka, Ginger Ale & Tequila, Coke & Whiskey, diet Pepsi & Tequila, pineapple juice & Vodka, pineapple & Rum. If you want a better alternative, non-alcoholic bevarage with your meal, then consider getting an Orangina drink.
For drink names and description. Click here. Scroll to the bottom for drink menu. 

New! 16oz Planet nutcrackers included: Mercury, Venus & 16oz Nutcracker slushies: Venus & Mercury.

New! Make your own liquor slushy: 10oz Virgin slushies & add well shots to your drink (Rum, Tequila, Vodka and whiskey).

Unlimited 1oz well shots (Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey).  Unlimited 10oz virgin slushies.  Other included slushies: green goblin slushy, Cherry bust slushy, Watermelon lemonade, Black island ice tea slushy.

RULES: Must finish your current drink before a new one can be made. Anyone showing signs of being
drunk or intoxicated will be cut off.



Includes all basic open bar drinks, all beer, all 16oz drinks in liquor menus, including liquor milkshakes
(Hennessy colada, Captain crunch, Blue Colada, Pina colada, Bull passion, Smores, Gravity shockwave)
(Hennessy, Jack Daniel, Ciroc, hulk Colada, Grey Goose, Hypnotic, Bacardi, electric lemonade, Aliza
and more), and liquor milkshakes. All 16oz liquor drinks on bar menus.  All 16oz liquor slushies and virgin slushies.  32oz Hennessey apocalypse included (must finish entire drink before requesting new one).

For drink names and description. Click here. Scroll to the bottom for drink menu. 

Open bar rules:

1. No sharing open bar liquor drinks or shots with someone who isn’t wearing bracelet or who haven’t purchased their own open bar pass. There will be one warning. After the warning your drinking privileges  will be revoked for that day without a refund.
2. All open bars are for 3 hours only.
3. Please keep your paid receipt with you all evening for that day. You might be required to display it throughout the evening.
4. Anyone visible intoxicated will not be served alcohol. Anyone stumbling or have slurred speech will not be served alcohol.
5. All open bar customers will be asked “Are you driving tonight”?
6. Anyone that looks under 30 will be ID when purchasing open bar and any liquor.
7. Anyone sharing liquor with an under-aged customer, under 21, both customers will be asked to leave the restaurant without a refund.
8. All customers must drink their liquor & beer in Action Burger. You cannot stand outside while drinking or take liquor to go.
9. All liquor drinks will be served in a 16oz cup and will only be served one at a time. You must finish your drink before requesting a new one. Bring current cup with you.
10. Drinks can be served strong, medium or light. Medium is standard.
11. Your name on the ID will be written on the receipts. If you leave the restaurant and come back, you’ll need to provide your receipt, ID or glow stick.
12. No lids will be provided, so you can’t take liquor to go.